About Spik n Span

Spik n Span Toilets NZ is a business specialising in ablution solutions both big and small, designing and building mobile toilets right here in New Zealand.  In 2000 while working on a film Gary Tudor saw a row of plastic portable toilets and thought there must be something better than this.  Semi-trailer-based units with modern facilities were designed and built and the rest is history. Spik n Span Toilets NZ Ltd is owned and operated by Gary Tudor and Di Lane. 

Gary, Di and their friendly team are proud to provide a quality range of portable toilets that are practical, sustainable and New Zealand-made. Combined with their water and waste solutions for events, this makes them a sought-after events partner.

A notable part of the Spik n Span product range is the popular 2-Loos unit. Designed in 2012 with New Zealand roads in mind, these double toilet units are the brainchild of Gary and Di who saw the need for an alternative mobile solution for smaller events.  A Fitter welder by trade with vast mechanical engineering skills Gary set about designing a clean, practical and sustainable solution. These double toilet units are now a popular and versatile part of the Spik n Span range of mobile toilets.  These units are also very popular with construction crews and local plumbers.

Gary, Di and their team are renowned for their local knowledge combined with world-class service and expertise in their field. They are well-known within the events and film industry as reliable and professional solution providers, and their commitment to clean and sustainable solutions make them the perfect partner for your next event!

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